Thursday, January 5, 2012


It's no secret that I've been spending an enormous amount of my time over the past few years taking photographs. I call myself a photographer in the sense that I take pictures for people and they pay me for my services. I rarely consider making purely photographic art however. Sometimes divisions in the mind are created early on that stubbornly stick around.

It's not that I don't think of photography as art, far from it. The photographic medium is one of the most compelling and enigmatic materials in my opinion, and one of the few that I could spend an entire day gazing upon without the tiniest bit of sleepiness. 

I taught myself to use the camera after finishing all of my academic years. Never in six years did I take a single photo class (which makes no sense to me now). Because of my needs at the time, needs for a day job to pay for this pesky art habit and a need to be useful to my fellow humans, I learned to use a camera and in doing so apparently taught myself to view it as a business before a medium. 

Dabble I do, however in the finer thoughts. For that reason, I plan to post some photographs I've taken recently as a way of declaring that they can be my work, just as much as the other. Even if it's just a self-declaration to small ends... I think it could fruitful if not vulnerable. I'll be searching my hard drive over the coming months to see what lurks in the recesses. 

The next wave will be to finally edit some of my many hours of (highly alluring) video footage for a long overdue vimeo reunion. Let's see how much I get done while teaching Art History and preparing for a show in February. Hah. 

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