Monday, May 17, 2010

30 Days of Dinner Time, Day 16

In the window, Gloria and Tiffany. They know each other well enough to have had lunch together after church or carry on small conversations in group settings, but that I know of they've never had a one-on-one conversation for this duration. Also, they will be taking on roommate status with one another at the start of July, so this conversation was not only one for bettering a new friendship, but also for sorting out how they will be living beside one another in the near future.

For dinner they brought Mexican food from a restaurant down the street. Tiff had a water bottle and Gloria had a diet 7up with a straw. They brought Uno cards but didn't use them. Gum in shiny blue wrappers came out at the end.

Nate and I brought our dinner from the same Mexican restaurant as the participants... but our burritos revolted against us and my jarritos bruised Nate's hand in the process of opening. Being hungry at dinner time is one thing, but it's very hard to talk about the work with passers by as your hands are covered in red spicy sauce and you have meat in your teeth. This was just one example of my dispostition through the entire dinner. Whether due to preoccupations or the fact that the piece just made it past halfway, I felt "off" all night. Perhaps a contributing factor was my comfort level with both women in the window, this may have disabled some of the tension I have become accustomed to while being a viewer.

Overall, it was the night which left me feeling like I'd gotten too used to the piece. It all felt very normal, as though it had become a task to finish. That might be a mandatory part of the process when doing something for this many days consecutively, but I would much rather be amazed than comfortable. But the same goes with human relationships, intimacy always fights against boredom... the better you know someone the more likely you are to take them for granted.

My thoughts from the outside in no way take away from what happened on the inside though. This is another part of this piece that I love. Tiffany and Gloria seemed to have an engaging time together. Our viewpoints are divorced from one another and yet inextricably linked at the same time.

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