Wednesday, May 19, 2010

30 Days of Dinner Time, Day 18

In the window, Roland and Pam. Pam just graduated with her Masters in Clinical Pschology. Roland, Pam's boyfriend, decided to throw her a surprise party in lieu of these great accomplishments. Pam knew she would be having a nice dinner with Roland, but did not realize there would be decorations, presents, and an after party with friends who came to view their dinner time.

Roland made steak and a delicious looking side dish for dinner. They drank raspberry gingerale out of wine glasses, which gave off the most surreal pink hue. He hung banners and signs for the graduate, brought in a floor lamp, two helium balloons, speakers and music, a small table upon which were wrapped presents of many chocolate variations, a stuffed animal, a vase of purple and white flowers (closed tulips, Pam's favorite) and a homemade picture book.

This dinner did a great job of representing those moments of Event which occur in our lives all the time. The celebrations or big-deal-situations which we often bring out a camera to help us remember.

Viewership changed drastically for this dinner. There was confusion for those who had seen the piece in previous nights, as though the large amount of decorations changed the inside of the window so much that it felt like a new piece altogether. For those who hadn't previously encountered the piece it became a game of talking with them through the entire month, so they could understand that each night is not actually a graduation party. It seems that most viewers have paid very little attention to the physical space on other nights... but the wall hangings and domestic additions made the space incredibly apparent. Instead of standing as a stage, it became a locatable place.

Then just as "quickly" as the event began, it ended. The space became a stage again. This is definitely the most vivacious example of objects having a direct relationship to the interaction of the participants. Pam and Roland danced, moved around, gave and received gifts and interacted with the outside viewers. It was good to see the connection between things and actions, objects and intentions, tangible and intangible become apparent.

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